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  1. Engine, Transmission & Technical Discussions
    does anyone have quad tips on their AWD K5? I need to see a picture because I don't know what to do with the black thing on the left side, thank you!
  2. Audio, Navigation, Electronics/Wiring Discussions
    I have Uniden R3 and want to install it using the mirror tap. I did try removing the black box around the mirror and found that it only has the forward collision unit only and the Quick-Insert taps are big for them to insert. I do not see where to plug in the mirror Quick-Insert taps. has anyone...
  3. Engine, Transmission & Technical Discussions
    Hey everyone. I got a muffler delete a week or so ago and I wanted to put it back on but get a cutout before the muffler. With that I would be able to switch between loud and quiet. Unfortunately, the shop that did the muffler delete threw away my muffler and I am devastated. To buy the muffler...
1-3 of 3 Results