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  1. 2021+ Kia K5 General Discussions
    I bought a 2022 k5 in May and ac started blowing hot air one month after purchase. Brought it to the dealer i purchased it from and they said it was from road debri puncturing the condenser and it is therefore not covered under warranty. I have been reading the Telluride forum and there are...
  2. Interior & Exterior Discussions
    Hi. I have not found any information on why my taillights do not light up on my K5. Do the Lx & LXS not come with this feature? I own the 2022 Kia K5 LXS and i’ve noticed the middle strip of the taillights that run across do not light up. Is it just for decoration? If anyone has any info on this...
  3. 2021+ Kia K5 General Discussions
    I was driving and Optima S 2019, and I traded in today for a K5, 1.6. Wow what a huge difference! I got a chance to drive the Kia around town, I never took it on the freeway or over the Altamont. Unusual wind noises, a swaying, almost as if the car is wandering off to the left and to the right...
1-3 of 3 Results