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  1. Kia K5 Problems and Reliability
    I recently got a 2022 Kia K5 EX (about a month old) and have been running into an issue. I feel like I’ve pin pointed the issue but not 100% and wondering if anyone else if having this issue. About a week after getting the car, when I started it using the, when I got in, it sounded like my car...
  2. Kia K5 Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Parting out my Kia k5 1. JBL bass pro hub * SOLD* 2. Trunk OEM cargo mat (I prefer local pickup due to size( location Philly) 3. Custom made side skirts*SOLD* 4. Front splitter SOLD 5. Factory Carpet floor mats
  3. 2021+ Kia K5 General Discussion Forum
    Hey everybody I been in the market for a rear spoiler my 2022 k5 model but I can't seem to find one that fits, the one that came with it is actually screwed in with bolts and leaves holes when you take it off, if anyone knows where I can get one or shop for one I will very much appreciate it...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I just got my Black GT Line premium AWD, and I have to say, it's the absolute best! It's everything I wanted out of a Model 3 and a WRX, just not manual. Coming from never owning an automatic, or a black car, and never having a car payment. Maybe being in my 30's isn't so bad :D
  5. New Member Introductions
  6. 2021+ Kia K5 General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone been able to find info, upgrades or anything on switching out the older gauge cluster to the new digital one? I’ve seen where the k5’s in Canada and everywhere else but the US got that upgrade for some reason. If I can find the parts, it looks like it may be a plug and play almost.
  7. Kia K5 Problems and Reliability
    I’ve had my car (2021 Kia K5 GT-Line AWD) for about 2 months now. A few weeks ago, my dashboard lit up and told me to check my forward collision system, blind spot system, etc. The diagnostic codes from the UVO app are P022100, C174181, and C136081. Anyone else have this issue/know how to fix...
  8. Kia K5 Problems and Reliability
    Hey everyone, I drive my K5 GT-Line FWD all day everyday for work, I already have 13K miles on it. On my first oil change and tire rotation at 6K miles, first thing I started noticing when I would get on the highway was some shakyness/vibration in the steering wheel. Then after noticing the...
  9. 2021+ Kia K5 Reviews
    My new Kia k5 LXS has been having tons of issues with the safety system. I took it in they said it was a defect that they fixed, it’s been about two weeks and my cars putting itself on auto hold and not allowing me to drive it. Is anyone else having this issue? Along with the car play cutting...
  10. 2021+ Kia K5 General Discussion Forum
    I just recently purchased a 2021 Kia K5 EX and I love it, but I am curious if it has any new available modifications to it, such as an updated blow off valve, cold air intake, etc. Anyone figure out how to make a blow off valve work on their 2021 and up models?
  11. Kia K5 Parts & Accessories For Sale
    For sale oem gt line rims comes with tire pressure sensors, lug nuts included( 1) rim does have some curb rash on it and any little defects on the rims worth noting which I included in the pictures no bent or cracked rims drivability is still a-1 no other issues $650 plus shipping 3% added to...
  12. 2021+ Kia K5 General Discussion Forum
    Hello! I bought a new Kia K5 on Saturday and sadly having a few small problems that I would like to get other’s opinions on. The first problem comes from the air conditioning panel. if you were to place your hand under the panel and push up, you will hear a squeaky noise that sounds like an old...
1-13 of 13 Results