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  1. Kia K5 Problems and Reliability
    Just got my K5 GT and I just passed 500Km, but I've noticed that my car doesn't build any boost or doesn't show that it does. At first I thought it's because I was in normal mode but even when I tried Sport or Sport plus and tried aggressively accelerating. I didn't see my gauge building up or...
  2. 2021+ Kia K5 General Discussions
    Hey guys! Recently got the K5 GT, and I noticed some sort of wind or "air" noise whenever I accelerated hard. At first I thought it could be the "fake engine" sound, but I turned that off. I then thought it could be the turbo, but I refuse to believe that I can actually hear my turbo spooling...
  3. Engine, Transmission & Technical Discussions
    Looking for a down pipe for the 1.6L K5
1-3 of 3 Results