Bought these 20” wheels and tires from my local Discount Tire store a year and half ago. I just changed jobs and had to turn in my company K5. The 8.5” wide wheels/tires totally fill the wheel wells perfectly. No interference at all or rubbing. As if these were made specifically for this car. These are fully balanced and include the tire pressure monitors, so all you have to do is put them on the car.

Brand: Liquid Metal
Model: Splice
Dimensions: 20” Dia. X 8.5” Wide
Brand: Nitto
Model: Motivo (all season)
Specs: 245/35/R20
Total price was $1,714.98 out the door including mounting, balance, install and taxes.

I am asking $700.00 for them. Location: Kansas City.

The tires have about 18K miles on them with a lot of tread still left. The wheels are in very good shape with a few minor dings surface scratches. Did have a couple of spots with curb rash, but was able to polish most of it out. Can't tell unless you are right next to them.

Feel free to call me at (913) 304-0720 if you have any questions.

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