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2023 K5 Changes (Digital Guage Cluster?)

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I can buy the 2022 K5 GT right now at MSRP, but I will be kicking myself hard if the 2023 introduces the digital dash. Does anyone know if that is likely?
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So, I was one of the lucky ones to get a 2021 EX (with less than 50 miles on it) with no huge markup and it was around March of 2021. If the 2023’s come with digital dash, I’m guessing any dealer with stock will be wanting to upcharge for it. So, it’s get the car now at what’s a reasonably fair price OR wait and even if it doesn’t have a digital cluster, you may still pay more? (the assumption is the Digital Cluster being worth whatever the dealer wants, yes?)
I say get the car now while you can. If you have found a dealer willing to sell you at MSRP I would jump on it. If the digital cluster does get introduced for 2023 I am sure you could just order the part and retrofit it to a 2022!
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I have the digital cluster in my 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz, and I figure it's basically the same unit you would get if the 2023 K5 adopts it. Frankly, it's no big deal ... yes, you can change the colors and see your blind spot in the gauges when you use the turn signals, but otherwise it's pretty much a gimmick IMO. (By the way, I have a 2023 K5 GT on order, and don't really care if it comes with one or not.)

The 2023's will probably be awhile getting here, so if it's a matter of getting a '22 now, go for it. If you're in no hurry, I'd say wait. Dealers probably won't be upcharging more for '23's than for '22's, and the price difference will probably be small. And being a '23 model it will automatically be worth more than a '22 later.
I will get my 2023 Kia K5 Gt Line AWD on 5 July! I have ordered a 2022 on 4 April, but now they are saying my order will get a 2023. I hope I got lucky getting the 2023 instead of the 2022!
as soon as I get, I will post it here 🙏
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