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23 K5 GT-Line Memphis TN

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What's up y'all? Just got my 23 K5 this past Friday. I've been reading up a lot on this site before actually pulling the trigger and making the purchase. Exited to gain/share as much knowledge about this car as i can in the future.

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Hey there. What color interior did you go with
Yup I got exact setup. Love this car. I put black door handle covers on mine along with 5% tint. Makes whole car look more sleek IMO
I actually like the amber side marker. Matches the amber DRL.
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I got 20% tint on my window now, dealership had a place they deal with put on before I picked up car, but they did a poor job. Called for appointment after the holiday to get redone going with 15% this time.
I have never seen a good tint job from the dealership. They find the cheapest company they van and then charge 600 as an add on. I have never let a dealer tint my windows
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