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Hi everyone. I have a 2022 Kia K5 LXS with the 8-inch, non-Bose system. I have been having a consistent problem with my Apple CarPlay dropping connection at random times, and I use my Waze GPS app consistently, so this was no good for me. Head unit replacement options are next-to-none, so I opted for a Kunfine 10.1" Android system, Octacore 4+64G.

First of all, for those wanting to upgrade, this was no easy task! My new head unit was shipped to me in very confusing pieces with no instructions on how to assemble. It took several hours of trial and error, but I got it all up and working, except my factory backup camera is not working.

I know there are wires on the back of the head unit for hooking up to an aftermarket camera (a reverse switch signal wire, and a single RCA connector for the video feed signal.) but I would think the factory camera would be wired into the harness, as they are in all the other Android upgrade kits I have installed. All the rest of the factory controls and such are working fine.

Does anyone have any info as to which wires in the factory stereo harness control the factory backup camera? I have been unable to find any of this information in my online searching. I'm going to go pull the dash apart and try to resume figuring this out when I get off work today.
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