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CEL Thread

This is the post-mortem of the linked thread.

At this point, 36 hours and 200 miles after pick up, I am starting to believe I got a bad tank of 93 octane. I had done poor trip planning and had to fill up at a non TopTeir station. Everything was fine until it got a needle below half. That's when the trouble started. I also can't rule out the extreme humidity from TS Fred during that time.

When I picked up the car from the dealer it missed several times while driving it the first 30 miles or so. At that point I wanted to get the car back closer to home and give it right back to my normal dealership for more troubleshooting.

I stopped at Wal-Mart, grabbed a bottle of Techron, and headed to the nearest TopTier station (an Exxon). I filled up with 11.8 gallons of 87 and the Techron. There was an immediate difference. Performance came back to appropriate levels, idle smoothed, and the engine hasn't missed since.

Now I just have to wait for the transmission to relearn its optimal patterns. The reset has it acting like it did the first 400 miles simply uncivilized.

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