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Brake rotors and pads

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I have k5 Gt-line awd 22, it’s over 30k miles now and having the same issues as most of us are: Steering wheel shaking when braking at high speed. I am trying to get new pads and rotors but majority of the stores doesn’t even carry the part. Any recommendations where can i find good pads and rotors? I am not getting it changed at dealership. Thanks
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Yeah, I've been trying to look around for some good after market pad and rotor kits out there but it's been mostly mixed as well.

I'm opting to stick with blank steel rotors as I don't feel it is worth it to get slotted and/or drilled rotors for every day driving and cruising. You'll end up wearing the pads down faster without taking advantage of what the slotted and drill rotors provide for drivers that would take the car for autocross or the track sessions.
I'm actually shocked that neither R1Concepts or Detroit Axle lists brake part for the K5 yet!

Autozone lists rotors:

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Rockauto has Powerstop blanks. What I am going to switch to when its time. Im still trying to find pads
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Anyone know the size @ thread count for the brake lines where they attach to the calipers? I want to take my calipers off, sand blast them & power coat them. I will need to put a cap on each line to limit the amount of air that makes it into the system.
I changed my brakes a couple months ago. I have DuraGo rotors and Powerstop Z17 brake pads. I ordered all my parts thru Rock Auto. WAY better than OEM
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