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Curious to capture experiences calling kia corporate customer care.

I called today (with a case #) and held 27 minutes to get to a representative.

The call was recorded and the rep had access to my case and was able to review input from the dealer.

In my situation the rep was informative but offered nothing in the way of direct aid.

Here is what I learned :
1. Loaners - This is a dealer service and not a corporate requirement. If they don't have it or give it corporate can't / won't help you.

2. Rental / expenses reimbursement - You can keep your Rental / Uber / Lyft Receipts from not having your car and submit them for reimbursement (expect 90 days to get a check). If you are 150 miles from your home you may also be able to be reimbursed per diem for food and lodging (again 90 days to get a check).

In my situation it left very few options but to sit and wait. The only thing I have going for me is my state has solid lemon laws and if this turns out to be a major repair that takes more than 30 days I am going to seriously consider handing them the keys back. I don't have 1stK5's patience and I am not going wait 4 weeks or more for it to come back to me.

Has anyone else gone down this road with corporate?
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