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So I'm going to be out of town for over a month and decided to grab a car cover to protect my car from the elements for the time being.

The first size I tried was for a Mid-sized car (Size 3) from Pro Elite. Unfortunately, it didn't fit at all and, while it states it covers vehicles of up to 16' 8" in length, it did not fit my K5 at all. The car's length is about 16' 1" from front bumper to back.

I went and exchanged it for the next size up (Size 4) that fit cars from 16' 9" to 19'. I went to put it on and it barely fits the length of the car. Unfortunately, the front and sides are still partially peeking out a bit. Perhaps I should have gone 1 more size larger?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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