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Chrome Delete Window Trim Vinyl Overlay

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I am sure it has been discussed here before, but my question is about applying a 'chrome delete' (black) window trim overlay purchased through eBay.

Here is a vinyl overlay manufactured by a company called SlickMod. This overlay can be ordered in gloss black, matte black or satin black (don't know which color of black would match the best).,aps,209&sr=8-2&th=1

Has anyone here used the SlickMod overlay? . . Opinion?


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The reviews on Amazon are horrible for this particular item.
I was going to say this same thing. Not one person said it fit perfect.
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I just want to delete this message 😂
I looked into these precut kits as well and they don;t tend to stick all that well and can slide around, and when not cut perfectly will still show the chrome.

On my wife's far we paid a vinyl guy to do it for us along with the pillars.
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What did they charge you for the pillars. Was going to ppf mine next month, but thinking about just vinyl overlay. Depending difference in price. I'm quoted 175 for ppf on all 6 side pillars
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