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DIY oil change...How much oil drained from your 1.6T?

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Just completed the first oil change on my GT-line at 1000 miles today. I know the manual says the oil capacity with a filter change is 5.1 quarts, however I was only able to drain 4.5 quarts in total from the engine and filter housing. I let the pan drain for 15 minutes, and when I put the plug back in it was just a drip occasionally before I plugged it. I filled it with 5 quarts, run the engine for a few miles and checked the level, and it was above the full mark and towards the top of the orange plastic piece. I removed 1/2 quart of oil from the dipstick tube, drove around for 3 more miles and rechecked. Perfect, just below the F marker.

I was just wondering if anyone here that does their own oil changes has measured the oil they've drained out and if they got all 5 quarts out. Or can this motor really be holding 1/2 quart up inside after 15 minutes of drainage. Or is the manual wrong about the oil capacity. Obviously next time I do an oil change I'll only put back in the volume I took out, then adjust my oil level from there.
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I haven't' measured it but the first time I changed it I dumped the whole 5 qts in and it was over the crosshatch by about 1/4 qt. Now I put in about 4.75 qts and it's still a bit over. 4.5 to 4.6 might be about right. The manual is wrong for my car. It also recommends 8000mi oil changes but I think they should say 8000km.
You wont get all the oil out during a drain and fill. I change my own oil and filter. 5 qts was the same for me. I left it since it wont harm the engine. I know 4.5 qts will be enough

I too changed my oil and filter at 1k. Good to see someone doing the same.

agree on 8000 km
Thanks for the replies. I plan on doing my oil changes at 5000 miles anyhow, so I'm not too worried about the intervals in the manual. However I want to make sure that I'm putting the correct amount of oil in the engine. I'm wondering if they put the wrong dipstick in these cars. I might just buy me a dipstick for a 2019 optima 2.0L or 2.4L that calls for 5.07 qts and compare the length and see where my 4.5qts falls on that. I don't know, something here just don't add up to me. 1/2qt or 16oz of oil seems like a lot to just be hanging up in some valleys within the engine.
My drive way is at a slight incline so when I did my oil change, I turned my car around and drove it onto ramps to make it as level as possible. Doing so still got the front end of my car inclined a bit higher so it might have drained more than when on a perfectly level surface. I used about 4.75 quarts of oil as well, though. I filled in 4.5 quarts first before checking the dipstick and slowly filling in the rest. I had checked the oil level before draining the oil so I filled it to about the same level just in case the incline skewed the oil level reading for me.
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Yeah, unfortunately I didn't check the level before I drained it. So I don't know what it looked like beforehand. My car was up on ramps when I drained it, so definitely not level, but with the drain hole situated the way it is I should get most everything out of the drain pan. Just how much that angle affects the oil in the upper portion of the engine, I don't know.

Interestingly, if you look at the owners manual for the 2019 Optima, the 1.6t calls for 4.75 quarts. I know this Smartstream engine is a "clean sheet" redesign and that it probably requires a bit more oil to lube the cams and their CVVD mechanisms, but an extra 11oz seems like a lot .
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