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Here is how some dealers in Florida are ripping folks off >

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2023 Kia K5 GT with optional Wolf Gray paint and optional carpeted floor matts.

MSRP: . $33,435 . - Dealer Discount = $32,766

$ . . 995 . .Pre Delivery Service Fee
$ . . 189 . .Private Tag Agency Fee
$ . . 199 . .Electronic Registration Filing Fee
$. 3,895 . Kia of Port Charlotte Essentials Package (basically a 'fair market adjustment' add-on)
$ .5,278 . Total Dealership Add-Ons

$ $32,766 .Initial Dealer Discounted Price. . + $5278 Dealership Add-Ons = $38,044

That's $4,609 more than $33,435 MSRP !

.... Of course, you still need to pay for tax, title and plates to the state
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And then the 'disclaimer' from this stealership:

*Price is plus tax, tag, title, registration, any dealer-installed accessories and dealer-provided benefits, and a pre-delivery service fee of $995, Private Tag Agency Fee of $189, and Electronic Registration Filing Fee of $199, which charges represent costs and profits to the dealer for items such as inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting vehicles and preparing documents related to the sale. New vehicle pricing excludes the $3895 Kia of Port Charlotte Essentials package. Pre-owned vehicle pricing excludes the $2695 Kia of Port Charlotte Essentials package, and any reconditioning expenses, which amount will vary depending on the vehicle. All prices, specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Contact dealer for most current information. All advertised pricing is on in-stock units only and includes all applicable dealer discounts, manufacturer discounts, and incentives. Certain offers and incentives presume financing through the Manufacturer Captive Lender, subject to approved credit. Should you purchase the vehicle through the use of other funds or through other lending sources, certain offers and incentives may be excluded. Due to supply chain challenges and limited inventory, vehicles may be subject to an additional market adjustment depending on inventory production, availability and market conditions. Please see dealer for details.

Jeeeze ... Give me a break !
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My guess is that they may even hit you up for another 200 bucks for nitrogen filled tires before you walk out the door too !

Make sure you bring a tube of KY with you before you walk into the dealers showroom !
Its not just Florida and not all dealers are this way.

Hopefully, you find one at MSRP
Time for a mini road trip. Just call surrounding states
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Yeah, that's a common scam these days. It's just an upcharge hiding behind legit-sounding fees and charges.

My dealer charged $2500 over MSRP last July when things were really tight, but at least I got a little something for it ... they include ceramic window tint, protection film for door handle pockets, and so on. I think they've either dropped that or reduced it since things are slowly loosening up, and they're finally dropping below MSRP.

What made it easier last year was that I got 2 grand MORE for my Santa Cruz trade-in than I paid for it, so the upcharge was offset by that. Used car prices have slipped some now, so that advantage is probably not as good as it used to be.
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