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2021 K5 EX in Gravity Grey - Fully Loaded with the Premium Pack.By far the funnest-driving cars I've owned (1 Prius C, 1 Saturn Astra, and 2 1st Gen Scion xB's), and obviously, the most powerful. You'll see me breaking the law around Central MD without my front tag on (as I haven't found a good solution yet to not put holes in my bumper).

Like the rest of us, not everything is perfect on mine. Tons of wind noise on the driver side at speed, my transmission likes to jump around at times, and lately with the temperature changes outside, and the car doesn't like Smart mode making the Turbo is more lively than ever. But, I'll have these things checked out on her first oil change in 1000 or so miles.

Been watching from the outside for the last 2 months, decided to join so I can keep an eye on the fun bits people have in the pipeline. Haven't had a car get some aftermarket bits since my 2nd xB was around.
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