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So I'm wanting to do the chrome delete on my K5. I originally looked at doing the vinyl but having no experience with vinyl personally I was worried I'd just end up messing it up. I had a couple different people quote the job but they were wanting to charge me outrageous prices. Their main concern was the way the rubber gasket around the trim doesn't leave very much space to tuck the vinyl around so it would have to be cut very precisely. Anyway after a lot of searching I eventually came across this product called Hyperdip which you could buy a trim and emblem kit for around 50 dollars.

I was curious if anyones had any experience attempting to do it this way? It seems like ti could be a good budget option and the way it'll peel and automatically cut itself at the edge seems a lot easier then trying to cut vinyl.

Hyperdip Chrome Blackout

On another question, Im between whether to go for a matte black or gloss black. I'm leaning gloss black since it would better match the accent pieces like the black spoiler on the rear. But I could also just make the spoiler matte as well so they'd match hmmmm opinions? 🤔 of course the beauty of hyperdip is I could just peel it off if I dont like it and only be out $50 bucks.

My K5 for your time

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