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Today I decided the weather was nice enough that I'd try to wire in some LED's. Got some at Advanced Auto Parts that had the option to wire directly or use the power outlet. In hindsight I should have tested the power outlet first....

Well I got one of those add a fuse things and tried to wire in the lights. Used the 20amp fuse for the power outlet and got the ground wire around a screw to the left of the fuse box.. Turned the car on to test and the lights don't work... Made sure the fuse was in the proper way.. I then took out the add a fuse and tried to just plug the lights into the power outlet... Lights still don't work..

My wife will be home in an hour and I'm going to try the lights in her car to make sure they work... But in the meantime.. any ideas what I could have screwed up?? Help lol..

EDIT: I solved the issue!! The stupid pins on the connectors weren't lined up correctly! 🤦🏾
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