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Is the wireless charging pad useless?

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Just started using the wireless charging pad in my '23 GT-Line after having the car 2 weeks after I bought a wireless Android Auto plug in yesterday so I wouldn't have to plug phone in all the time, and the charging pad barely charges at all and makes my phone (Samsung S23 Ultra) very hot.

Besides needing to put something under my phone to get it at the right height for the charging pad to even work (or put it in upside down), I did a test today with and without a case and the phone either only went up 1% after 30 or so minutes, or stayed the same percentage after 30 minutes. That's really bad.

Is anyone experiencing any sort of quick charge with the pad? You'd think in a 2023 model they'd have a quick charge pad. Or is mine defective?

Guess I'll need to go back to a quick charge plug in for the 12v port and do wired change again...
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I've been debating getting a wireless charging pad and just putting it in the storage area at the top of the shifter. I did that in my wife's car since she has wireless AA, but no built in charger.
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