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K5 EX p235/45r18 Pirelli P Zero All Season Tire Pressures

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Hi everyone. What's everyone running for cold/hot tire pressures?

Also, do the TMPs reset automatically or is there a manual process for it?

Thank you,

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Welcome @Drumslinger80
I found it odd that the Kia K5 owners manual doesn't provide steps on how to reset the TPMS. All it give is basic info on how the system operates and some warnings.
For pressure, I know in colder temperatures its generally recommended that you drop pressure by about 5 psi.


Thanks! I found the label in the door that has the recommended cold tire pressures for this particular tire as 36psi. I went ahead and filled them up and the TPM’s reset automatically so I guess that mystery is solved :).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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