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K5 remote start temp

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Hi there. I have the K5 GT line with the premium package. Does anyone know if there is anyway to adjust the interior climate temp so when I remote start, it starts higher than 72 degrees? I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve turned auto off and on. I’ve left the temp set to high hoping the next time I remote start, it will start at high. I’ve looked through the appendix in the manual and looked through the cars settings. I can’t seem to find anywhere to do it. It’s cold in upstate NY, and when it starts at 72, the car isn’t warm when I get in. Thanks :)
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The ignition issue doesn't affect K5s as the car doesn't have a slot for a key to turn the ignition behind the steering wheel. It only affects cars with key-turn ignitions.

Also, you really just need the Kia Connect Plus plan for the remote start feature on your phone, but it's still $14.99/month or $149 a year.
The price for the plan is definitely reckless. The lights situation I am actually a fan of. I have an Apple Watch and the app installed on my watch send me a notification when it on when it’s not successful and when it’s off. My app has cool normal warm and a custom one to set exactly what you want to start the temp as. As it is cool now I have my care scheduled to start at 6am and warm and defrost windows. I will have to try the unlocking trick see if it changes it to the 30 minute count down.

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I’d be interested if anyone else tried the “unlock” method to keep the car running for 30 minutes. Let me know if it worked for you.
For those of you that are annoyed about the remote start only being on for 10 minutes. Do the same procedure to start your car with the remote start then once the engine is running hit the unlock button then the car stays running for a longer period of time. :)
So your car is just sitting there running with the doors unlocked then? Doesn't seem like a very good option to me
I think the count down continues so long as the keys aren't detected in the car itself.
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