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2021 Kia K5 GT-Line AWD
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How do you like the AWD? Does it kick in a lot? Do you feel like it costs you some MPG?
I like it, I feel a bit more confident when accelerating out of corners and wet handling has been pretty good even with the stock tires. It does cost me some MPG over the FWD models as it is heavier, though. Mind you, the system doesn't kick in fully all the time. It is still FWD-biased so most of the power goes up to the front of the car. Most of the time from a dead stop, the system will send like 60-70% of the power to the front with the rest going to the rear until it gets up to speed. Once at speed, the power gets evenly distributed, with slight bias to the front when you accelerate. Honestly, though, you don't feel the system kick in at all and just feels normal when driving.

As for whether or not it is worth it, I would say for most drivers the FWD model is good enough for every day driving. AWD may be better in places with actual snowy winters, though. lol That said, I personally don't regret getting the AWD model at all.
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