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I’ve been experimenting with Spotify and Blue tooth, and got it mostly working how I want it.

The main thing that’s annoying is whenever I jump into my car, media is set to off. I then have to wait 30 second or so (it’s a while) for the Bluetooth to connect. I then have to go into media on the side of the touchscreen for the music to start playing. I set the “mode” button on the steering wheel to Bluetooth, so when it does connect all I have to do is hit the button, but it’s still annoying to watch my screen to wait for BT to connect every time. Is there a setting so it will play as soon as it connects?

similarily, it would be great if Spotify would automatically launch and play when it connects to the car. It kind of does… if I have the app up on my phone already, it will play once I manually connect to BT using the method above.

if the app is closed/not already up on
My phone, it kind of works. It first shows “no title”, then if I mess with Skip/pause/play sometimes it will connect to the app. Sometimes it doesn’t. Doesn’t seem to be any reason for this beyond poor programming somewhere.

Does anyone else have these struggles? I have an iPhone if that has anything to do with it.
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