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I have the EX Premium and was wondering has anyone figure out how to NOT default to the welcome screen once you re start the car?
I want to be able to start the car and my radio display shows up or whatever I was using last before I turned off the car.
Now every time I start the car I have to reach over and press the Radio button.

Also In the summer in the south its nice to vent you car while parked with the sunroof tilted but in order to tilt you have to open the sunroof shade half way. It will no let you adjust it so it almost closed like a manually shade to prevent much of the sun beating down in the car.

Otherwise I really like the K5, the small engine is plenty enough for normal duties and I love all the safety features.
The radio controls are somewhat confusing I wish they were more like my Hyundai Santa Fe which very easy to find and switch radio stations
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