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Picked up my new car on June 5 . This is my 5th Kia since 2013 the last 4 being OPTIMA's. I really like the new styling
of the optima (WHOOPS) I mean K5. Confused on there line-up : LX - LXS - GT-LINE - EX and finally the speed limit breaker the GT. Why name the 3rd one GT LINE which is confused with the 290 horse power GT. The GT-line has the same engine as the LX - LXS - and EX ( 1.6 L 181 horsepower). Do not confuse this model with the GT.
I especially like the way the navigation system works, no typing in your destination, just press the speaker button (bluetooth) and tell her where you want to go. The only typing that I did was my home address, to be saved forever, and if I am somewhere in the U.S.A. I only have to push the button and say GO HOME. Here is a picture of car. View attachment 989
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