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New GT Owner in FL...I got real lucky actually.

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The first dealer I went into really screwed around with the deal. In fact in the middle of them pitching numbers and terms back and forth with me I committed, signed their price and terms sheet and had my debit card out to pay the deposit. The General Manager interceded behind the scene and pulled the deal and sold that Wolf Gray GT out from under me to someone else there for more money. I was the only person even to have driven it, miles on it were like 12. Anyhow, I knuckled down and started checking inventory around the State. Two days later and I'm driving my own K5 GT with the GT1 pkg the other didn't have. It had 18 miles on it. It was only 60 miles away. I couldn't be happier and my trade-in was a Genesis which was a really nice car too. I'm glad that first General Mgr blew up the deal, but I'll never go back in there again.
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Congrats on the serendipity. How you liking it so far?
Well, being a black car I'm out every morning wiping and shining from the morning dew. It's not too long, 15 to 20 minutes. It seems like a great car, pulls much harder than my previous 2.0l Turbos and the handling is nice and tight too. I like putting regular over premium. Getting about 29 mpg and the dealer installed my tinting. It's a great pkg. I leave the 10.5 screen on the "home" screen. It's very elegant, just my username, outside temp, time and a darkened screen with a swash of color. If you trace the interior up to the roof you see some cheapness where they didn't really trim the edges of the headliner and wall, but that's about all I've noticed. Trunk is all open, no convenient trays and cargo nets, but I guess I can buy those.
Do you get a clicking sound coming from what I'm think is the tyranny? Read that's a characteristic of our dct.
I'll listen for it. I haven't heard it yet, but "clicking" could drive me crazy if it sounds 'off.'
Happens mostly at low speeds during first and 2nd gear.
Here's the link to the article.
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