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Wondering if anyone else is having this issue, or if it’s not an issue at all & instead me just not being used to the brakes.

I use to have a Hyundai Elantra, but now in my K5 I’m noticing that I have to press the brake pedal down a little further than I’m used to (?) in order to stay stopped or slow down in general. Sometimes I’ll be at a light and I’ll think I’m holding the brakes down enough but I hear some stuttering from the brakes until I push in just a tiny bit more, or I’ll go into reverse and the car starts moving backwards ever so slightly because I apparently wasn’t pressing down enough.

is this just me or is this how the brakes generally are?

I noticed this description in an early review before launch that matches what I’m experiencing.

My biggest issue with the 2021 Optima is the brake pedal, which never feels truly connected to the brakes themselves. The pedal has a weird feeling, offering a dead zone before clamping down on the rotors with authority, requiring more modulation than I need for its competitors.
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