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First of all, hello everyone!
little backstory about my luck, I'll make it brief. I got a 19 Nissan sentra 2 years ago. it got totalled a year ago when someone blew through a red light at 45mph and smacked the front end while I was turning left on a green arrow.
replaced it with a 19 nissan maxima, it got totalled about a month ago when I didn't realize there was 6+in of standing water on a highway that I travel every day because of where they decided to put construction barrier that blocked all the water in. I hydroplaned, hit a semi trailer, then a guard rail.

bought a 22 Kia k5 with 25 miles on it 2 weeks ago. on a 2 lane highway my lane was clear for miles but the opposing lane was backed up for about 5 miles with cars at a standstill because they shut down an interstate and were diverting traffic to the 2 lane highway.
well I was humming down my perfectly clear lane looking at the suckers stuck in the other lane. I was doing the speed limit (55mph) when one of them decides to whip a Uturn in front of me because they decided not to check for oncoming traffic. Automatic braking caught it quicker than I could but it was close enough I wouldn't have had room to stop completely without smashing into them... but it gave me time enough to swerve onto the grass and slowed me down enough there was no damage to the car from traveling through the grass shoulder and I didn't lose control of the car...

So shout out to KIA. Automatic Emergency braking (or whatever Kia calls it) saved my life and the family of the idiot driver in the minivan today.
now to get myself to stop shaking....

PS: shout out to Nissan also I guess because I came away from both accidents with nothing but airbag damage ;)
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