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Upgrading the wheels?

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Just purchased a new 2021 K5 LXS, well new for me lol, and wanted to know can you install the GT Line rims on this model without a need for modifications? kinda like the stock look of that model but wasn’t able to get one “smh”

I’m looking for something other than the stock 16s that came with the LXS model I have.

Are aftermarket 20’s needing any special modifications?

which size is best for aftermarket wheels, 19, 18 etc…. are 20’s too large to just install if purchased, and will there be any suspension issues for going this large?
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2021+ K5 body is all the same. Only difference is the engine, bumpers, and accessories. You can go with GTL, EX, or GT wheels without modification. Just stick with 235/45/18 or 245/40/19

20s will fit on stock suspension. You risk going with a thinner tire and compromise ride quality
I will be selling my OEM 19s from my GT as soon as I find the after market wheels I want. Should you be interested.
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