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I have a K5 EX with the Bose suchlike. The USB port doesn't work with a USB drive anymore. This is the same stick that WAS working in my Soul prior to the accident, and was working in this for two and a half months before it stopped. NO sticks will work. Not even with a single file on it.
Voice commands! Preparing, please wait. And it never goes beyond that. Period. This has been an on and off issue since I got the car, but at the end of January, it went totally kaput. Around the same time the USB port crapped.
Bluetooth! Audio works, but in order to use my phone, I have to answer it on the headset and manually transfer it to the Bluetooth. I cannot use the phone buttons to accept or reject. I've tried this with a couple of phones (Galaxy Note20 Ultra and an iPhone 11) with the same results. I would love to try and reset the bluetooth entirely, but it sits there 'resetting'. I've left it for 45 minutes to no avail.
Android Auto works when USB'd, but I don't WANT Android auto -- I bought the car specifically for the technology package. Which is broken.

It took me 8 WEEKS to get an appointment at the dealer. They had the car for 17 days and claimed to not be able to reproduce the issue. Bullshit. I even left the USB stick with them.

What shall I do? I had to get Kia customer service involved to even get the ball rolling to get my car back -- the rental was killing me at $35/day (which the dealer finally DID cover). I know they're trying to run me out of the 12,000 mile electronic warranty. And that will be tomorrow.

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