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I have badly damaged ears that result in severe sound sensitivity. I don't like to spend the money on luxury sedans and understand that the K5 is not likely going to compete with a BMW or Audi for example for interior noise, but would like others to offer their experience of the K5, especially highway speeds.

Just FYI, I have test driven a GT Line, but did not get out on the highway. It seemed pretty quiet, however if I were to be aggressive on the throttle the 4 cyl engine got pretty raspy and caused some discomfort and was my biggest issue. But then I think to myself, I probably will not be doing much heavy throttle driving.

I saw car and driver listed the Kia Optima in one of there articles of 15 very quiet cars. Anybody come from an Optima to a K5? If so, did Kia seem to keep the same level of interior sound, or is it better or worse?

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